Mar 9, 2016

wow-so-not-important-story #sorry

Lately, the weather in Jakarta is very hot, it drives me crazy because it feels like I was stucked in a huge oven. I'm the type of person who sweat a lot, especially when summer comes. Furthermore, I have this very oily skin on my face, so, yeah, I spent a lot of blotting paper everyday.
Ok enough with the grumbling :( hahaha.

So, have you guys seen total solar eclipse this morning? how do you feel about it?
Actually, I'm a little bit excited about this moment because i have never seen any total solar eclipse in my entire life and fortunately, this year, I can see total solar eclipse in Indonesia!! This total solar eclipse moment is just happened once in 33 years.
Well, since I don't have any sunglasses and we, human, can't definitely see the sun with bare eyes, so I just watched this epic moment through television broadcast :(. It's still okay though. I watched that epic moment seriously but still with sleepy eyes hahaha. It was very interesting beacuse the blue sky suddenly turn into dark sky just like in a night time :o. But that was just happened in a several place in Indonesia, sadly, Jakarta not included.

After watching television broadcast about total solar eclipse I went to sleep again because I had to use this free day to get enough rest before I have to work on my assignments :(.

By the way I'm so hungryyyy and it's almost midnight obviously HAHA. So, yeah, I'm gonna have a big portion of nasi bebek for my super duper late dinner. (I know it's very unhealthy but I did this thing rarely ok trust me guys)

See you on the next blog post!

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  1. I've seen on youtube since I couldn't see it my own :p